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Teaching Articles

Biggest Myths About
Piano Lessons

Creating Vocal Freedom
(and more Tales of Trickery)

It's All In Your Head

The Art of Practicing
Part 1
Part 2

Practical Steps to Performance

Composing– Isn’t It Just
Like Ironing Your Shirt?

How To Develop Your Music
Away From Your Instrument
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Musical Creativity In Action

Discovering the Piano
Through Other Instruments

"Intentionality" and
Free Improvisation

Teaching Videos

Getting Set Up At The Piano

"Killer Joe" left-hand comping
Part 1

Part 2

Solo piano vamping: Introduction
Gospel style in 4/4
Classical style in 3/4
Pattern style in 13/8

Making Your Performing Work
Level 2 Workshop

Teachers' Corner Articles

Making The Phone Your
Student Value Amplifier
Part 1
Part 2

Making A Piano Ensemble Class Come Alive

How To Survive As An Artist

Performers' Corner Articles

Taking on a New Performance Mountain

The Compound Effect In Action

Embracing The Trust Factor–
Self-Authorization At Work

Flexibility First: Accompanying In Today’s Church

Making The Most Of Your


Words of Appreciation